How To Choose A Sheet Vinyl or Tile Floor

In choosing the style and construction of sheet vinyl or tile flooring for your application, there are several basic options you need to consider:

Flooring Types:

  withstands high traffic with superior durability and performances; solid vinyl composition won't delaminate.
  has tough wearlayers for high performance and felt composition backing for easy installation.
Slip Retardant-
  helps prevent slips and falls and comes in an easy-to-clean, attractive color palette.
  offers intricate designs and a cushion layer, combining texture and comfort.
Vinyl Composition Tile- (VCT)
  is durable and economical in a broad range of colors and designs containing recycled vinyl content.

There are basically two visuals:
Replicate the beauty found in natural materials -- low gloss and texture patterns create the most realistic ceramic, stone and wood visuals in resilient flooring.
Or replicate the timeless and stylish classic look with high gloss materials to appear as polished marble, granite or ceramic.

Traffic Rating:
Light, moderate, heavy, extra heavy.
Four traffic ratings direct you to the right flooring for your environment, ranging from private offices with light traffic to corridors and institutional settings with extra heavy traffic.

Wearlayer Thickness:
20 mils, 55 mils, 66 mils, 80 mils, 1/8 inch.
The thickness of the wearlayer affects wear performance.
The thicker the wearlayer, the more resistant the floor will be against wear.

Overall Thickness:
The thickness of the floor determines many of its performance characteristics.
Thicker vinyl floors provide:

More indentation resistance
More cushioning and comfort underfoot
More noise dampening
More insulation
* All measurements are nominal.

Recommended Usage:
Hospitality, retail, education, healthcare, offices.
Keyed to specific settings, the above labels will guide you in matching floor types to your exact needs, based on expected wear.

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